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Reflection   2022

War in Ukraine 2022

A woman surprises

Energy of atomization 2021

The Internet style of communication has begun to replace culture and live interaction between people and thereby affect those who would still like to remain in reality and in culture.
A modern person cannot live in society without using Internet social networks and occasionally not entering the corresponding form of communication.  Gradually the usual ties in society began to break down, this contributed to atomization ! This process began to accelerate in society with the arrival of the pandemic.

Based on previous experience of human development, pandemics pass, and in a few years, we will forget about them as if they were a bad dream. Undoubtedly, new gadgets and the possibilities of the Internet have radically transformed our way of life, but in its essence man has remained unchanged! Just like before, we want to love and happiness, joy, and pleasure.

Forgotten Diaries. 2021

The main idea of this series is an attempt to immerse yourself in your childhood or adolescence through visual content.  In our childhood, in our youth, we sometimes kept diaries, and sometimes school notebooks or student notes became diaries. We could write an outline on them, jot down a phone number or do a math calculation. And sometimes my hand would draw pictures or figures on the margins by itself.  This spontaneous, somewhat mechanical, I would say subconscious creativity helped us to remember important and sometimes difficult information.

 Now imagine that you are in the attic of an old house and happen to find an artist's diary forgotten by someone and some ancient manuscript written in an incomprehensible language.

There will be many different things in what you see, sometimes mysterious, sometimes frank, sometimes incomprehensible. And if you abstract away from the past, you will see the present, for people in their essence do not change!

Flexibility 2021

Sometimes flexibility of body and mind is so important, especially during a rapidly changing situation.

Spices 2021

Do you like spices as much as I do? When I cook a dish I always add spices, and it is akin to painting a picture. Spices are like art paints that give food a unique flavor.

Geometry of life

Sometimes our feelings and thoughts can be similar to geometrical figures: sharp as triangles, stable as a quadrate, flowing as smooth lines, etc